So far it has been a full day of enlightment. According to FREC real estate license applications are up this year! But with this positive trend comes a negative one- number of complaints. Complaints against licensees were 5500 in 2010 but up to 5900 in 2011. Please note that not all complaints had merit nor did all result in disciplinary actions. FREC publishes this disciplinary report on its website – you may want to check it out.
Brokers, apparently in the past FREC used to conduct audits when addressing monetary complaints. The commission is resuming these audits so please take notice. To learn more about industry trends and the work of the commission, look for the return of FREC’s meetings which will be streamed once again starting this month on the 24th and 25th. Thank you to Director Juanan Watson for such an important and informative briefing. And thank you to all of you for reading my meeting notes!