Dear Members
Epcar has been a sound advocate of local candidates serving in government.  Through its Government Affairs and Realtors® Political Action Committee (GA RPAC), Epcar assures that it continues to support those who are supportive of REALTOR® interest and protective of private property rights. Last week the RPAC invited the candidates for School Board District 3, 6,7and District 40 to a screening, by conducting personal interviews, and then provided a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors approved the following recommendations for financial support using RPAC funds:

  • School Board District 3: Hazel Sellers with $250.
  • School Board District 6: Lynn Wilson with $500.
  • School Board District 7: Lisa Bone Miller with $500.

This year we conducted the interviews in conjunction with the Lakeland Association of Realtors® (LAR) and it was a success.
Earlier the Board also approved the following candidates:

  • County Commissioner District 4: Todd Dantzsler
  • County Commissioner District 2: Melony Bell
  • State House of Representatives District 39: Neil Combee
  • State House of Representatives District 52: Ben Albritton
  • State House of Representatives District 42: Mike La Rosa
  • State House of Representatives District 41: John Wood

Thank you to our Committee Volunteers for their hard work!
Kind Regards,
Marisol D. Espinoza, MBA
Association Executive