EPCAR has certainly gone through a great deal of change this year! After moving back into the office in January, we have been in a constant state of change- from unpacking endless stacks of boxes to getting rid of old items- all while making sure the phone is answered and members are happy!
We understand that change can bring a new list of ‘To-Do’s’ that you never even knew existed. But when it comes to changes in your professional career, one of those ‘To-Do’ items should include us- your local Association that’s here to provide you with the best service and set of tools to help you succeed!
If changing: to another office, phone number(s), a new email address, or anything vital to doing your business correctly, EPCAR needs to know. Make sure to send an email (the sooner the better) to an EPCAR staff member. As with any relationship, communication is KEY. Let’s keep the lines of communication like our newly renovated office, clear and free of clutter!